About Us
Ridgefield Landscape Solutions was formed in 2009 but was years in the making. Founder and President Milton R. Ninde was first introduced to the green industry while going to college. What started out as a summer job to pay for school quickly turned in to a passion.

After graduating from college Milton went to work for a small landscape company and began learning about the industry from the ground up. Over the years, he was instrumental in helping that company grow from two crews to a multi million-dollar regional service company.

Ridgefield Landscape Solutions was founded on the following core values:
Personal service with a commitment to quality and service
A safe and professional work environment 
•       Comprehensive skill development for our staff
Fair treatment of  clients and staff

We enjoy what we do and are grateful for your business. We understand that our success is based on your satisfaction and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!!

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Call us at 703 909-5858l